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Our Company Mission & Vision

Our Mission

At Cedar Tree Catering, our mission is to

  • exceed expectations.
  • redefine the culinary experience.

We strive to

  • be the premier catering company in Dubai.
  • offer innovative concepts.
  • offer exceptional service.
  • offer delicious international cuisines.
About Cedar Tree Catering

Our Company History

In the heart of Dubai, there exists a tale of passion and innovation that has redefined the catering landscape. Cedar Tree Catering, a name that resounds with the echoes of extraordinary experiences, rises above the rest, driven by an unyielding spirit of creativity and personal touch.

Born in 2007, Cedar Tree Catering emerged from a desire to traverse the realms of tradition and contemporary flavours, to leave audiences spellbound with every bite. For five remarkable years, we flourished in the restaurant industry, basking in the adoration of our cherished consumers.

We further unveiled our majestic central kitchen, a sanctuary of culinary and innovation. It was a milestone that marked the dawn of a new era for Cedar Tree Catering—a testament to our unwavering commitment to deliver beyond expectations.

Cedar Tree Catering

Our talented chefs crafted international delicacies that danced upon taste buds. Each dish was a symphony, a harmonious fusion of passion, skill, and culinary mastery. And alongside them, a team of extraordinary service professionals, driven by an unwavering dedication to surpass all challenges with fervour and unwavering commitment.

Cedar Tree Catering wears its badges of honour proudly, with certifications in HACCP & ISO 22000:2018. We ensure food safety and hygiene.

Our true pride lies in the bonds we build and the connections we nurture. Our management team deals with each client, be it an individual or a corporate entity professionally yet thoroughly. We are not merely in the business of exceptional catering; we are in the business of creating cherished memories. We understand the significance of every event, and the importance of leaving an indelible mark upon every soul in attendance.



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Our client-centric approach keeps us thriving. Cedar Tree’s esteemed clientele includes: